Prototype AJAX Commenting - sunday 2006-03-12 0600 last modified 2006-03-14 2032
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Some AJAXy stuff. Works only if you're logged in. The first comment is frivolous and is not recorded if you just want to watch it; subsequent comments will be on this entry. To do:

  • Process comments for preview and subsequent display via web service instead of in-JavaScript (will fix non-display of signatures on comments)
  • Change plain text processing to turn certain strings into links
  • Preview error handling
  • Fit registration / login into process
  • Cross-browser compatibility (presently Firefox only)
  • More eye candy - make the height of the comment area dynamically grow according to the height of what's being viewed next
  • Degrade gracefully across javascript-inept browsers; should already be fine for javascript-disabled or -bereft browsers
  • Number the comments
  • Adjust styling
  • Change up the commenting API to produce what's in the prototype page, which will effectively publish it site-wide

Implementation experience: not much of a fan. Unless something happens to make tracking all the stuff that gets exchanged across the XHTML, the structure of the relevant DOM fragments, the XMLHttpRequest response structure, the server code, the JavaScript code, and the styling, this is kind of a painful architecture to execute at a large scale.

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