Bad Dough - tuesday 2006-03-21 1707 last modified 2006-03-21 1707
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I think there was too much flour.


I ended up having to add an extra egg white to each dough to get it to bind well enough for rolling out, otherwise it wouldn't stick together. I guess the recipe for sugar cookies I grabbed was already pushing the limit for flour content. I wonder what the correct ratio is of fluid to particulate matter for optimal doughiness - doesn't come apart, doesn't get too liquidy, doesn't get too tough.

I have to use my roommates as guinea pigs; I think five people trafficked through the apartment yesterday, and five cookies were eaten when I looked, so that's probably a bad sign. I am contemplating getting some semisweet morsels and dipping the stuff in it to at least make it edible. Chocolate solves everything.


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