Star Wars Marketing 101 - thursday 2006-05-04 1707 last modified 2006-05-04 1707
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Step one: rack up anticipation by waiting years until DVD has become a household term, then work slowly towards a release of the original trilogy, in the meanwhile teasing fans' appetites with crappy prequels.

Step two: release a shoddy version of the original trilogy that only includes a revision of the film that nobody who enjoys the series likes, because they'll buy it anyways.

Step three: after two years of sales of the shoddy version, release a limited edition, limited sales version of the original trilogy in unedited form, because now you get free advertising in the press, and those fanboys, they'll buy it again for sure.

Future steps: space out each step by a matter of years; release a boxed set of the prequels, release a boxed set of the entire six film saga concurrently with a limited release of all films playing in theaters, but with the crappy version of the films, do another release with the unedited form in a limited release after angering the fans again, then sell them all (edited and original) individually, finally pretending to listen to fans. Release a fifty year anniversary special edition for each individual film in 2027, 2031, 2033, etc., if not yet dead.

George Lucas is a vile marketing genius. Star Wars is a cash cow.

I'm not buying it. Any of it.

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