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I'm making the short walk from my apartment to the T. One of those folks who hang about to raise money for their private cause celebre tried to attract my interest with the loaded question, "Do you have time to stop racism?" I had some folks to meet, so I said as much. As I continued past, he said to my back, "You Asians, I expected as much."

I've seen this guy before. Talked with him about his education center, to teach black youth about their history of oppression. Found him aggressive but enthusiastic. Had him tell me I "didn't look racist."

I only paused for a second before I called him on it.

And then he told me all about the motherfucking Asians. Got up right in my face, told me about the racist Asians who hated black people, who always sided with white people, who, when the black people take over, are going to get theirs. Lumped me in with the motherfucking Asians, thought it right to call me one.


I told him I go to a black church, asked him what his problem with me was. He said it wasn't me, just the motherfucking Asians. I told him he sounded racist. He didn't care, told me not to talk about God on account of how badly the Asians have done. I informed him he'd lost all of my support for his "education" center as he walked off delcaring his hatred for Asians.

Cambridge, one of the world's centers of higher education, home to well-schooled, well-spoken, intelligent bigots trying to spread their poisoned gospel to the next generation.

Fireworks shower

Welcome to America. Celebrate your independence. Celebrate your interdependence.

Who is responsible for racism?

We are. You are. I am.

One day we shall be free from the ancient ties that bind. We will be loosed to honor one another in our differentness. Apparently I must believe love overpowers hatred to make it through each day without turning into a misanthrope.

One day we shall be free.

One day.

Boston fireworks

Germany lost. Go France.

The day that never ended is finally over.

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