RAW Photo Statistics - friday 2006-07-14 1837 last modified 2006-07-14 1850
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Based off the 7650 RAW files I've retained, not including this month, some statistics generated in Longwell by way of RDF out of CRW. Yesterday I wound through the file number counter in-camera, so I've pushed that shutter button about 10,000 times. A more interesting breakdown (which I may pursue in the near future) would be by lens and to add in exposure length, both of which are entirely possible - but I'd rather see graph generation added to Longwell first.

Anybody who knows how I might generate better graphs on a Mac instead of via Excel, like how I might make a focal point chart based on the viewfinder sensor layout instead of a labelled histogram, say hello.

Note that in the above, one photo may have several focal points if the focal length is calculated to be the same at those points.

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