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So begins the journal... I have far too much trouble remembering things I've learned and really cool events in life to not keeep this up. I guess I don't really care too much if it's public - maybe somebody else can learn something from me (gasp!). Links to it? Probably not, don't need random people getting close to me. I'm paranoid like that. Hopefully that verse under the date changes frequently, I'm supposed to be memorizing those. Might be able to keep people far away up to date on me, too. I think I'll keep this as low-level as possible, no need for fancy stuff when there's real (yeah, right) content to read.

I've been thinking about that movie The Matrix lately. Yes, cool graphics, I'd like to be able to do that sometime, but it's the plotline that gets to me. Do I cheer for a plot that essentially compares Keanu Reeves to Jesus Christ? And it was indeed funny to see how things like deja vu and spoon bending are "really" created, but it also brings up that brains-in-a-vat issue. How would we ever be able to tell if we weren't just brains being stimulated by an outside machine? It's a scary line of thought, but I believe the Bible has enough to say on reality - everything stems from the Truth. Ok, so I guess I've solved that mental conundrum. Hey, this writing stuff helps a little.

So I saw the Boston Marathon up front and personal today (well, yesterday, but I'm still awake for today). It was almost moving to watch one man, hunched to a right angle, being supported by his friends to the finish line. Almost makes you want to believe in humanity, that fighting spirit and that pillar of friendship. Some of God's finest work outside of His own Son - and He embodied all of that, too. I sometimes have trouble with this personal relationship aspect of knowing Christ. It must have roots somewhere deep in here, but I'd like to be rid of whatever it is soon - Jesus is definitely someone I want to know better. What if He really were the One I could call my best friend? This is gonna take time... And it's time for's to many more days...

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