Japan: Day One or Two or Something - thursday 2006-08-10 1454 last modified 2006-08-10 2233
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Ten hours is not too bad a flight. I slept for some of the time, watched a couple of recent movies for another couple of hours, munched on food, read a book - and then I landed in Narita.

It was a surreal moment to see breakers coming in on the coast of Japan: finally I'm here. This is quite an island nation; flying in, the land space was either for farming, golf courses, or untouched forest. Contrast with the American midwest and its vast expanses of open, unused space.

I met up with a veteran traveller after customs and we wound our way into Tokyo and to Ueno, where I'm staying. My friend is here for an origami conference, and so, in brief at least, that means there's ready access to native folk who know where to eat - which is, of course, the most important skill I value for the moment. Mmm... real Japanese food.

I'm happy to say it's near midnight and I'm ready to sleep. I guess staying up all night before coming here helped the whole halfway-around-the-world timezone transition.

Real observations after I catch some rest.

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