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Local Japanese fast food is impressive. High on the list of things you must do in Japan: eat at a MOS Burger. It's possible you can do that if you go to Hawaii as well (edit: no, it isn't, they've all closed), but I strongly doubt the ingredients are the same; in part, MOS Burger Japan uses Japanese beef and tomatoes.

In case you're in my dilemma, trying to find a MOS Burger in your area but failing because the store locator maps are only in Japanese, and you happen to be anywhere near the Tokyo Dome, there's a MOS Burger on Hakusan-dori near the point where it splits into two other streets. Otherwise, you can find one in Myogadani, Roppongi, and probably a bunch of other places - I did find that there are 185 in Tokyo. If it helps at all, the locator is divided into major cities, and the cities into wards. You'll have to do symbol matching beyond that if you can't find a MOS just by wandering.

The fries are a bit too salty, and the normal burger's not all that fascinating - but the teriyaki chicken burger and rice bun tempura burger are awesome. Had I more time here, I'd be trying the whole menu.

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