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The pope issued a call in his Sunday angelus for the faithful to start paying some attention to the earth as the ramifications of ignoring it are unacceptable at a social level:

Il degrado ambientale rende insostenibile particolarmente l'esistenza dei poveri della terra. / Damage to the environment makes the life of the poor on Earth particularly unbearable.

The man may be the figurehead of one of the wealthiest organizations on earth, but that doesn't preclude him from being right. All sorts might take a hint from Pope Benedict regardless of their opinion of his orthodoxy.

It's not a fully fleshed motivation for supporting environmentalism or fighting poverty, but high profile mention of the effect the two have on one another, from a churchman who actually considers them important, gets major kudos from me.

Does anybody know where to get transcripts of archival papal sermons? In English?

edit: Thanks to Stefano, the Italian transcripts; the English translation appears to be forthcoming, if earlier angelus transcriptions are any indication.

edit: The English version is now online, but without the post-angelus paragraph - only the English greeting. Odd.

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