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I was about to enter a bookstore yesterday when a husband and father of Indian (or thereabouts) descent stopped me, asking if he could ask a question. I'd already stopped to give somebody directions not long before, so I was in a stopping and answering mood.

As his supposed wife and child wandered away: "Are you looking for opportunities to supplement your income?"

Is an exiled Nigerian general's widow looking to move a secret cache of money out of the country? Are you trying to start a pyramid scheme involving accosting young men entering bookstores to ask them the same question? Do you need a nanny? A mechanic? Why are you asking a random shopper? I haven't even entered the store to show what I'm looking for - do you just need someone's who's literate? With positive cash flow? Ambulatory?

I can only conclude spammers have branched out into hiring the desperate into servitude. What could I do? I marked him as spam and moved on.

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