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I'm so proud of the opportunity to participate in the democratic system here in America. Not only do we get the right to vote regardless of who we are, excepting minors and criminals (criminals, of course, don't count when it comes to citizenship and the exercise of its rights and freedoms - especially those that have been released into normal society, because you know they're just going to get all criminal again in the voting booth), we can ask for our ballots to be sent to us in case we aren't at home during the voting season.

It's a wonderfully polished system. Wherever you are, and given that you've registered to vote, you just need to drop a flimsy sheet of an application with all of your personal details in it into the postal service system and wait for the election commission to both approve your application and send you an absentee ballot, wherever you might be.

Of course, any well-worn system has its rules and regulations to follow, which is why you must send your absentee ballot by regular post in such a fashion that it arrives back in the hands of the election commission before voting closes on election day.

Which is why I got my absentee ballot today. The day after every issue was already decided, if you didn't want to scroll back and look at the posting date.


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