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My life has been reduced to working on a thesis and sleeping, with some eating thrown in for variety. You can read the drafting process if you want, but you probably won't understand it. Avoid sections marked in the table of contents with atsigns.

But Luo-yi is in town! She's in this photo in Chicago. Her brother's here for some Harvard Med thing, she's just chilling out in Boston for vacation. A bunch of people are here for Luke and Anita's wedding, too, I saw Amy Lin, Mei, Orlando, and Evelyn already, and tomorrow at the wedding... It's really odd that I'm going to their wedding and my sister isn't, they're the ones who actually know each other. Oh well, it will be fun seeing people again, even if most of them know me as Evie's little freshman brother from their senior year.

Haven't had much time to think about other things. I am planning some post-thesis nerdy activities though. I'm going to add some WML to so I can browse my info from my WAP phone. I might actually try to integrate my email with it all so I can at least read emails I need information out of. And then there's VoiceXML, which looks like it might be an interesting application if I need to get stuff from my server but am outside SprintPCS's digital range. I'll almost definitely revamp the look with better CSS, and I'm trying to get in touch with a colocation facility in California to place a box. Which reminds me, I need to get in touch with my replacement NerdComm for the next three years... CCAC needs a mailing list interface to OpenACS, but lots of people need that, so I'll be starting up a project for it. I'll need to get mail running for real on sometime instead of plain old forwarding. There are some miscellaneous bugfixes and project finishers to take care of, too. So much fun stuff, so little time...

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