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The producers of the Fargo: Special Edition DVD included an amusing trivia track feature, overlaying translucently framed text as the film plays with often tenuously related trivial tidbits, sometimes in a coherent succession, sometimes not. I rather hope to see it used more often (a quick search indicates Pulp Fiction is one of the few other DVD's to receive a trivia track feature), though the comedic nature of Fargo and Coen brother features in general is uniquely suited for the treatment.

Cloverland and Richard Rasmussen, the credited trivia track authors, matched the tone of Fargo well in unassuming fashion, though they do need an editor (amongst others, Keillor and foreword, not Keeler and foreward). It would be tremendous fun if the trivia track were available in some more standard format and linked to the web somewhere. Maybe when I make my own movie.

The movie's good if you can stomach violence, crucial to the film as it is. As it has been put, the film is grotesque: hideous and beautiful all at once. It may take a Minnesotan to appreciate certain points. One interesting thing gleaned from the trivia track: the Coens are Minnesotans.

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