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Bookmarking info. InfoUSA (go search if you want the actual company) re-sells business contact information which, supposedly, it gleans from phone books. To see if this story changes from time to time, call 800.321.0869; no source records are kept, so there's no way to know how to find the originating record and have it deleted. Since InfoUSA's business model requires six hundred people to read telephone books every day, and since that originating record can't be found directly, they will be rediscovering business contact information even after the dance to have it removed has been performed. To have your information removed, send a request by fax on business letterhead to 402.331.0176 addressed to the Business Update Department.

If I can find out who published my info before the number becomes saturated with SEO cold call spam, I'll report it. Prospects are bleak. I don't suppose anybody owns up to that on direct questioning. Social engineering may be required.

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