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There was some awful game a while back. I don't really remember it. Something about sacking Tom Brady repeatedly. I've blocked it out. I do remember this little cartoon ad with pandas. Some people will claim varying degrees of offense or perceived offense at racial stereotypes. How did such an ill-advised piece of work get into each year's most watched set of commercials? The chairman and CEO of the company wrote them himself. Specifically, the chief of a piece of work itself, InfoUSA.

Did anybody try to tell him at any point in this production that, hey, this makes you look racist? In addition to skimming money from the elderly, I guess he's too cheap to spend blood money on a professional ad firm. If you follow politics, you may recall him having no qualms about using that same cachet of corporate money to purchase a visit to the Lincoln Bedroom, to supply a corporate jet to our last Democratic president, and to outright dump corporate millions into his lap in "consulting fees."

A bilking, racist, purchaser of political favor. He matches with the Clinton family perfectly.

Enough with the dynasties. Go Obama.

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