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It's really cool how God answers prayers - a friend back home recovered (quickly, might I add) from a rather difficult illness.  Definitely cool.  I think that's something I really want to be able to write in this journal deal.  A record of answered (publicly known) requests would be a real encouragement for me in tougher times, and hopefully a good resource for others.

I'm actually a little freaked about next year's housing issue.  I know three people in New House 4, and the rest are completely foreign or moving (make it four people, but the fourth is graduating).  A single would be really cool, but I don't like being alone.  Loneliness is something I can deal with, but not well - more on that later.  It'll be the classical freshmen nervosa all over again: What kind of roommate will I get this time around?  I've already gotten in twice, a third time...  Plus, do I want two froshling roomies or one sophomore?  And I've never really gotten along with my living group - will I like House 4 or will it again just be the place I live?

About loneliness, I think it would be really awesome to do my quiet times whenever and for however long I could.  I could play the guitar and sing along to Cross Products training times at any hour.  I could have people over (like you guys come to New House anyway... ;p), decorate in any weird way, and sleep whenever.  But I really do need people, and it's in a different way than a lot of others function.  It can't be just a person in general - it needs to be a tried and true friend.

Which brings up something I was thinking about before I actually started writing.  I think some males mistake the female need for general companionship with a specific need for that guy.  Or maybe I'm way off.  The females I've known in life are cool in that they can put up with just about anybody (i.e., moi).  But I wonder if it's ever receieved in the wrong way on a guy's end.  Ah well, ramblings of a tired mind.  Very tired, I've already been to class way too late these past couple o' days...

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