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I've never actually watched Sex and the City, but I understand part of the episodic structure involves the chief protagonist voicing over her typing while acting as if she were using a laptop, uttering tired phrases like "New York minute." As if. Even just passing through here with no real agenda, this place feels like it doesn't lend itself to introspection. You could lose track of yourself here if you're not careful. And if you are, you've missed the very point of being a New Yorker.

But the sights, the smells, the bright lights and Euclidean coordinate ease, the activity and energy, and all that excellent food. This city is our national best foot forward, proud and storied, and so we keep depicting it in sitcoms and destroying it in horror films, and still it's the place into which we invite the tired, the poor, those yearning to breathe free. I love visiting this town, but I and my consumption and my pocketbook can't keep up for too long.

Thanks to Shirley, Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. Double Stack all the way, or for the more health conscious or meat-averse, the Shroom Burger half of a Double Stack. I love MOS Burger in Japan and In-N-Out on the west coast; this makes it three.

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