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I intended to write one of those free-form large-scale public school papers on Frank Lloyd Wright back in the day, which prompted a search for the right art deco-ish font for the title page on the ol' 286. I distinctly recall failing to find a good one and periodically doing a web search later in life to make up for it. Now I have the chance to finally visit Wright's Pennsylvanian masterpiece, Fallingwater, but I'm faced with a minor dilemma. There's a regular tour offered every day but Wednesday for an $18 advance registration and an in-depth tour offered only on Wednesdays for a $57 advance registration. There's no indoor photography allowed on the regular tour, but personal indoor photography allowed on the in-depth one. The most optimal day for my arrival around Fallingwater is next Wednesday, though I should be able to do it Thursday morning with no real problems, just a later arrival in upstate New York than originally planned. The driving times regarding Fallingwater in the arrival and departure directions are 3.5 and 5.5 hours, so it's basically an isolated stop in the generally correct direction.

Taken together, it sounds like I should really go for the in-depth tour. It's just a bit pricy. Input?


Well, so much fo...

Well, so much for choice. I didn't make it to the area until a few hours after the tour on Wednesday.

Ryan Lee on July 25, 2008 08:47 PM

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