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A few years ago, when I was first getting seriously interested in photography, I ran across Sam's daily dose of imagery photoblog. Browsing it revealed an amazing set of photos from within the Don Valley Brick Works near downtown Toronto (now rebranded as the Evergreen Brick Works).

Sam gave the rest of the world his take on a beautifully decrepit piece of urban industrial decay; while it may now be cliche to follow in his footsteps, I was there, so I did.

I initially assumed the structures would be off in some forgotten corner of an industrial complex, so I was surprised to find it's actually been the beneficiary of a conservancy's attention and is (or is part of) a provincial park. There are paths for hiking around a pond, a weekly farmer's market in the open space, and some other eco-friendly going-ons. The works themselves, save for one reclaimed as an admin building, are fenced off from the public. Aside from climbing dumpsters to vault fences, there didn't appear to be a simple way in without a key. I ran into a member of the conservancy who agreed that, yes, members of the public weren't allowed inside. Like a game, he then gave me a hint on how to proceed.

Urban decay is breathtaking and eerie. I'm guessing the works have always been a popular spot for a certain crowd, and since some of Sam's initial inspiring photos, they've taken to building a pond in the warehouse big enough for a canoe. I hope to go back some day, before provincial minds turn to demolition or further reclamation. Thanks Sam, and thanks cool hint guy. Props to my partner in crime; headlamps and hiking boots next time.

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