Five Hours of Indiana - friday 2008-08-08 0529 last modified 2008-08-08 0529
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In between Dayton and Chicago is a skinny state with an freeway speed limit of 70mph, either a clever nod to the historical and continuing contributions of the racing industry or an excuse for non-Hoosiers to drive through as quickly as possible. Probably both. Either way, the freeway in northern Indiana is about the worst stretch of road I've driven on. It's cracked, potholed, and crack patches are warping up out of the road by inches. Nobody's suspension is that good. I'm not coming through that way again.

I65 is "closed" at the intersection with I80/I94. Coming from the south, this makes it difficult to reach I90W. You could be a sucker and join in the incredibly long queue to get from I65N to I80/I94W, or you could go east and reverse course through off/on-ramps, where you'll eventually get some directions on how to reach I90W (exit to Cline Ave., just follow it all the way; it ends and turns into I90W).

I took a quick pit stop (har har) at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, it seemed well cared for, long on field archival expertise, a bit short on museum professionalism and copy editing. The day before brought me through the US Air Force Museum (same diagnosis, with better narrative skills - though I had to take issue with the Bockscar and the bombing of Nagasaki exhibit: "Americans did not object to the atomic bomb" may make for a pithy placard sentence, but it's kind of wrong).

Clearly, tomorrow I need to find a train museum in Chicago.

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