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Philippians 4:13. Soli Deo Gloria. I can do all things through Him who gives me strength, solely God's glory. To anybody who prayed for me, a year ago or a week ago, your prayers were met. I am done with this school and this degree, and there's only one reason I can be writing this now, because He carried me through. And well, too. I showered regularly (almost) and slept just enough each night to be sane and ready to celebrate the end of 4.5 years here.

How to celebrate the conclusion of a thesis: 1) sleep two hours, 2) step out into Boston for fifteen minutes to pick up Thai food, 3) eat, 4) watch a brainless movie while playing Scrabble with Cze, 5) see 1). Par-tay.

Though more immediately, thanks Shoey for lending us your car to move my crap from MIT to Somerville. Thanks Andrew and Alicia for helping me car the last load over, and Andrew for putting up with a disciplee who had no time for discipling, which will certainly change now that life is opened up to me again. Thanks Kawika for lending me your room so I wouldn't have to sleep in the office during these last couple of days. And thanks Cze, for helping me move, for encouraging me to finish, for feeding me, for supporting me during the darker times.

I'll try to show my gratitude after 1) is taken care of properly...

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