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It's the middle of September, the middle of the week, the middle of nowhere. Sure, Yellowstone's America's park, but Jackson, WY is like the requisite wild west saloon, socially necessary, though oddly located, and presently inexplicably booked up. I got the last room in my hotel, and it's not like it's near anything, save a TruValue. Unlike other lodges that overlook the elk refuge or are within park limits or are in downtown or are on the slopes. Restaurants are packed, and some campgrounds are at capacity, a first since I started on this journey, certainly unexpected at this time of year.

My source says it stays this way for another full two weeks, then tapers off for the month until the city entirely shuts down for the month of November. A sabbatical before ski season opens, I guess. I wonder how some of these workers take care of themselves when their city goes on hiatus.

Possible explanations: the wildlife are out in droves to attract watchers, coincident with the start of hunting season to attract hunters, and an art festival? Or some manner of thing intended to bring in "a certain crowd," code for retirees. There are enough of all of these people willing to come down to saturate a park and a city to capacity? I hadn't any idea. Vail, certain parts of Vermont, and Mammoth have been my archetype for ski towns. From a one evening perspective, it looks like Jackson's managed successfully to be a playground of many faces.

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