Wildlife Encounter Tally - sunday 2008-09-21 1435 last modified 2008-09-25 0250
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Black bears: 1. At 20 feet, on the road in Shenandoah NP. Just missed hitting it before it ambled off the road.

Grizzly bears: 1. At 50 feet, hiking on a trail. Maybe closer. It was behind me foraging for a few minutes before I turned around from my seat.

Moose: 2. I walked right past a stand of trees where one was eating. Hikers down trail turned me around. The other was also eating; I happened to catch it without aid.

Elk: Several. They hang out at the National Parks' Mammoth hot springs town in Yellowstone, but two crossed the street in front of me at night.

Pika: Too many. The world's squeaky toy manufacturers took their cue from pikas, as did that annoying yellow lightning poke-rodent.

Deer: Way too many. Aside from roadside encounters, all three so far having been bright enough to run away and not in front of me, I was about 10 feet away from one. Once again, someone called my attention to the fact that there was a deer immediately to my right. We shared the world's dumbest stare before it lumbered off for more food.



Add another two black bears, one running across the street in Sequoia National Park (for which the guy in front of me slammed his brakes; nice, but it was already across the road before you ever got there), and another foraging around a major tourist trail. Also lots more deer and elk, but whatever. Herbivores are less interesting.

Ryan Lee on October 15, 2008 11:24 PM

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