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I saw it for $3.15/gallon the other day. By far the lowest I'd seen it anywhere in the country, even lower than the $3.27 in a tiny booth in a remote corner of Oregon (which, by the way, has only full service gas stations, very odd). I know, oil has fallen substantially since its peak this summer, but it's still ironic. Of course, this makes it look to me like gas has basically been steadily declining in price as I go across the country, but Gas Buddy tells me those of you in Minnesota, Ohio, and New Jersey are looking at $2.40. Everything everywhere's dropped by slightly less than a dollar since I started.

Maybe it's time to turn around, head east, and watch the prices drop in that direction, too.


Ontario, Canada and Connecticut is the cheapest

In a strange turn of events, while driving to Hamilton, Ontario, and New Hampshire, I actually waited to get gas in Ontario and Connecticut... Very weird. Those two places are usually the most expensive.

They weren't as cheap as the places you listed, but I wasn't driving to those places either.. $2.83 in Connecticut, where usually I try to make sure I don't need to get gas in Connecticut, and $2.96(US) in Ontario the week before.

Jon Daley on October 21, 2008 02:31 PM

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