NorCal Freeways, Berkeley Parking - friday 2008-11-21 1831 last modified 2008-11-21 1833
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For some as-yet indeterminate reason, I find the freeways of the Bay Area immensely pleasing to drive upon when not under rush hour conditions. Perhaps because the elevation changes and twists and turns appeal to the hidden race car driver deeply embedded somewhere in the male psyche. The miles-long bridges help.

It took about 14,000 miles, but I've finally been forced to parallel park, and downhill no less. Passing that part of the driving test wasn't a problem - those spaces were more than 25 feet long - but that's the last time I remember needing to do it, until I got here to Berkeley and its hills. No dings, no injuries. I guess it's not so bad.

Things are winding down on this road trip deal. More on that later.

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