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I missed my flight out of Boston due to my poor reading comprehension, the first time I recall doing so on my own, and thus my first adult experience with standby. Getting out of Boston was no issue, but the connection to San Jose ended up counting down to the wire, waiting on edge for hours to know if I'd have to wait even more hours to get where I was going.

It turned out one soul missed their flight to San Jose, and I was listed at five on the standby list. But lo and behold, numbers one and two in the list? They're dating, and, unbelievably, they start playing the, "no, you take it" game with each other, much to the annoyance of the ticketing agent, who forces them to make a choice right now. Shockingly, they opt to cede the seat to the next person on the list. I find out one and two already got on and that they're actually three and four. And so I write this wandering to baggage claim at Mineta International instead of trying to sleep on a DFW terminal bench.

Thanks for having issues being apart from one another, kids. Next time you should probably just take the seat and give it to whomever has to wake up earlier the next morning.

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