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I've subscribed to the White House RSS feed. I'm sure the technocrats will find a more specific home from which to disseminate policy positions and legislative news - but the day's not over and already it seems like there's much more to be gained from paying attention to the government's public actions than there has been for the past eight years.

An alternate road trip would have put me on the ground in Colorado in the month leading up to election night, Chicago on election night, and DC today. Still, hope and change have come for us all no matter our proximity to the new president. January 20, 2009 could not have arrived too soon to say a relieved farewell to 43 and an eager hello 44.


Well. The feed ...

Well. The feed keeps reporting that it has new items by making all the old ones look like they're new. The feed validator claims it's fine, but there are some problems with it in the reader I use. Also, there's a blog posting that's not yet in the feed despite being published more than an hour ago. Did they hire someone to generate the feed by hand?

Ryan Lee on January 23, 2009 08:46 PM

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