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I left off on Twilight a year ago when I packed up my life and moved into a car. I have a bit of a vertigo issue with first person games, so this game gave me some nausea troubles. The "enemy nearby" music also tended to give me some physical feelings of revulsion. I ultimately found the game a bit too much "I have to finish" and not enough "I really enjoy this story and want to see how it ends."

Which, of course, means I had go back and pick it up. The contrived collection back story, picking up the fused shadow pieces, then collecting mirror shards, then collecting sky characters, then collecting sun orbs - it was too much of the same. Some of these challenges seemed too hard - you may rightly call me dumb for consistently missing the auto-targeting feature and thinking I had to manually aim all the time - and then too easy, because auto-targeting is a cop out. The boss fights ended up being no real challenge to solve, not even the final one, which really adds to the feeling of having to slog through and not to enjoy. When you know how to solve the puzzle and happen to be a year's worth of rusty at pulling it off, it's a bad experience.

Wii Fit and Punch Out are on my radar, neither of them immersive games. I think I'll set the next one to be Ico 3, which is a PlayStation 3 game, a console I don't plan on owning. Some day I'll get to play it. It might take several years, much like the time it took me to get to rolling through Shadow of the Colossus. So, last gaming post for a few years.

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