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I guess writing in this journal is getting kind of boring. I think it's more fun to work on when I don't really have time for it than when I have all the time in the world.

I could complain and whine about various annoyances (like Sprint - Sprint sucks, I hope they at least take the rolling minutes cue from Cingular sometime; that might be an improvement). I could discourse about the walk from the T to home and how short it seems when I'm not carrying anything and how long it seems when I'm carrying just a backpack. Or about how I now have to follow the T's schedule to get back home since I have no transport of my own. Ok, so I just did all those things in brief. But it's kind of tedious.

I want something to do. I mean, I have a list of petty things to do which I can finish in a day (guess I'll do everything under my control tomorrow). I could learn Java for 1.00 (whose webpage you can't even visit unless you're an MIT student - kind of ridiculous), maybe go about learning JSP. There's lots I could do. I guess it's true, vacations only count when there's work to be taking a vacation from. I need some work so I can enjoy breaks like this, which is hopefully not an overly extended break.


Looking for a jo...

Looking for a job is a big thing to do and takes time too. On top of that learning a few things is a good idea. Once you get a job then you can think about owning a car.

eunice lee on September 05, 2002 08:00 PM

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