Observatory at Night - monday 2010-02-22 0158 last modified 2010-03-02 0743
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This week's hike was at night. Los Angeles has enough light pollution that a cloudy evening doesn't even require a headlamp, though I brought one just in case. The park is technically closed after sundown, but the Griffith Observatory remains open since it obviously works best during the hours opposite of those for the park. None of the street entrances close, as far as I know, so this particular restriction as it pertains to the observatory seems to mostly be about where you can park. Getting to the observatory from Vermont Canyon is straightforward, though it does require some scrambling. The authorized-access only applies to cars; I guess it's an employee/VIP only segment of the lot. They won't care if you're walking.

The route doesn't actually go to the observatory, but it's just down the road. The view of the whole of Los Angeles at night is fantastic.

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