Hiking East - saturday 2010-03-13 1759 last modified 2010-03-15 1522
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Today's hike went east from Vermont Canyon and involved conquering Glendale Peak and finding a couple decent spots to sit down and do some reading (Timon of Athens, Shakespearean tragedy appropriate for any time). All told, it was a bit more than 7.5 miles. I'd hoped some of the views from the east, a bit lower in elevation than the highest peak on Mt. Hollywood, might show some of the zoo from above, but I couldn't make any of it out from that vantage point. There's a bit of a parking lot near Glendale Peak where some Pentecostals were holding a prayer session of some sort, subsequently displaced by what looked like a filming crew. Griffith doesn't disappoint on the weekends.

Edit: There was yet more; the site of the Old Zoo still retains some of its enclosures, visited for a friend's birthday. I'll go back with a camera. Some of the cages are being slowly overtaken by greenery. It's a fascinating little spot tucked away near the merry-go-ground and pony and train rides, and there appears to be another peak just off the main zoo grounds worth a climb.

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