Griffith Near the 5 - monday 2010-04-12 0437 last modified 2010-04-12 0437
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Hiking this week went for about six and three quarter miles to near the eastern edge of Griffith, on the other side of the ridge line I've been ending up on in past weeks. Most of the hike involved a view of Glendale and Burbank. The grade is significantly less steep, though something about the path (Mineral Wells Road) made it seem like it was going to dead end in a canyon wall at the edge of the park. Thankfully it just turns into a Hills neighborhood. Now that I know it doesn't, there are times where it feels blissfully like wilderness on that trail. There appears to be easy access to the golfing greens in some portions, not by design, and the relative lack of other company makes me think it's less heavily subscribed than the other paths more readily accessible from a large entrance.

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