A Brief Hike for a Brief Stop in Zion - monday 2010-08-16 0607 last modified 2010-08-16 0609
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This Taylor Creek Trail map in the north of Zion National Park, UT, is a rough sketch. I neglected to enable my GPS tracker, so the route is a post-facto guess at the direction we took. We had a deadline, leaving an hour to head part of the way down a two and a quarter mile path. This is the approximate result. At the end of the trail would have been a large stone arch, but we left that for another time.

Instead, we came back on the return walking in the streamlet instead of the path that crisscrossed it. With a high sun and a vigorous hike, cool water on your feet can make the road shorter.

Photos later, this hotel's connection is a bit poor.

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