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Who's old enough to remember a Trix advertising contest* where you had to figure out which country looked like a boot? Our teacher let slip before the eventual solution commercial answering the question, which for kids at an age where abstract comparisons of geographic boundaries to physical objects was not a normal activity seemed like a great Adult Conspiracy slip up. She wasn't supposed to tell! I recall being both surprised and smug when the television rabbit finally made the big reveal, thus a permanent subconscious association of Italy with footwear developed. "Did somebody say Italy? Italy, that boot-shaped country." Still happens.

Well, I'll be attempting to overwhelm that with better over the course of the next month by actually being there in good company.

* It's from the 80's, I might not be remembering the brand right. Searching uncovers only that everybody seems to want to know what that boot-shaped country is.

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