Renting Bikes in Vicenza - tuesday 2013-06-18 0930 last modified 2013-06-18 0930
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The all-knowing English Internet knows a bit less about Italy. If you're an English-speaker with dubious Italian language skills interested in renting a bicycle near Vicenza, you need not go with the advanced reservation / delivery option (English) web searches return. Right on Viale Margherita, next to the university campus and across the river and a rotary from the city terminus of the bike path is a girolibero office / warehouse. For €15/day, you can walk out with a bike, saddle bags, cheap lock, and GL route maps for your region. Their corporate goal is to give vacationing customers easy access to bikes, so while their primary modes of operation appear to be advance reserve / delivery and package vacation tours, they just happen to have a useful hub in Vicenza.

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