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I ran into my daughter on the bus on my way home today! It was very exciting, I haven't seen her since a little after she moved into her new dorm. That better not be the last time I see her for yet another couple months...

Christopher generously loaned me his electric bass guitar for a month, so I played with that a little today. It's kind of fun, I might just invest in my own.

In a more what-did-I-do recently entry, yesterday Cze cooked up some crazy food for us. It was very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very good. I'm grateful, and I'm also hoping to cook like that after a couple years of practice. I'm contemplating buying phyllo dough and duck for my first real experiment...

Today was church. I think I'll highlight Sunday School, which is basically listening to Eric talk, which can be cool. Umm...I have to stop, barely awake right now....

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