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I have to stop having new ideas for software to write. All these projects are half done, it's so sad. Anyways, the next idea is to randomly generate a place to eat when you don't feel like picking something on your own, with parameters to narrow down the selection (price, genre, location). This one feels more immediately useful than the other stuff I'm writing. Kind of.

Sony is ridiculous. Check out their automated answer to my question about how large a hard drive their BIOS supports for my laptop model (an XG series):

The hard drives in our F/FX/FXA, SR/SRX and XG Series, 505/Z505/N505 SuperSlims and the C1 PictureBook models are not removable and therefore not classified as internally upgradeable by SONY. Although third-party internal hard drive vendors may state the availability of internal models that are compatible with our VAIO systems, SONY does not support, or provide any assistance with, these drives or their installation.

Not removeable? Like this one I took out a month ago? I'm going to make a not-so-wild guess that their solution to my hard drive dying is to buy the newest Sony laptop model. Jerks.

You know, if I were an advertisement for Kaplan, the ones where they have their score on standardized tests broadcast to the world, I wouldn't give my full name, my real name, and my school name, because then people would find me easily, especially if my name were as unique as, say, Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich of Harvard Law who got a 178 of 180 on her LSAT. Alexandria, you might want to tell Kaplan about protecting your privacy (disclaimer: everything I just said was public information based on an advertisement; dumping her name into Google brought me to her webpage (which she since removed). A little nerdy, perhaps, but not illegal).

One last thing - someone coming from the IP address with the hostname is very faithfully reading my journal, but I have no idea who you are . Please check your IP and hostname and contact me somehow to let me know if it's you. Thanks :)


Should you d...

Should you drive need replacement due to failure, it will need to be serviced. We recommend that you have the unit professionally evaluated and/or repaired by a qualified service technician. If you have an extended warranty plan that was purchased with your system, you may wish to contact your extended warranty service provider for assistance. However, if your system is outside of the original SONY warranty coverage period and you do not have an extended warranty plan, SONY has a Service Center which repairs our notebooks for a fee.

Well, check this out. They sent me the quoted paragraph above again, plus this little bit. They think they're going to sell this to me. You know, I think customer service is really going to make or break companies in the future. Sony's always been on the evil list (as part of the whole entertainment industry, they do as much as the rest of the cartel to harm their customers); this doesn't help.

Ryan Lee on October 16, 2002 06:11 PM

We regret th...

We regret that we have been unable to resolve your request. However, you have been provided with all the support and/or contact information for this issue available through e-mail. If you wish to discuss this issue further, we recommend you contact our telephone support representatives. The VAIO Customer Information Service Center is available toll-free.

Sony: We Don't Like You.

I don't think the toll free thing is much consolation. I wonder if their customer support people are content to be drones that just supply stock answers to everything. What do you think, should I even bother calling them?

Ryan Lee on October 16, 2002 08:39 PM

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