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I finally finished building my desk after purchasing the appropriate screwdriver. My puny computer screwdriver is no match for a good Phillips #2. There's so much more desk space and just plain space in my room now. It's much more pleasant than jumping over the desk while it was being built because of a lack of floorspace, although everything's still kind of messy.

Tired though... And hungry. I need groceries. I need to cook. Here's a puzzler for you: I opened an account with a bank in Massachusetts, and like any good bank, they put a 5 business day hold on any deposits within the first 30 business days. My 30 days were done with 5 business days ago, but 2 business days before that I'd deposited a small amount of money. Turns out that that deposit was still on hold when I tried to withdraw some desperately needed cash yesterday and the day before. The math seems a little funny, like the money should have been available two days ago, even with Columbus Day as a holiday. I kind of wonder why they bother holding desposits after the first 30 days are up anyways - I mean, I put in a deposit on the 31st day and I can use it, but I put in the 29th day, and I have to wait until the 34th day to withdraw it. There's a lack of rationality in there somewhere. Oh well. They're a good bank.

On another note, here's's self-congratulatory story of other journalists' honoring them for "coverage of a spot- or breaking-news event or development that displays exceptional reporting." Excuse me? wasn't even accessible until well after September 11th. I had to turn to Slashdot for news, and even resorted to using the radio - the radio! These journalists seem to have forgotten that good reporting means someone can actually read it. (If someone can confirm that actually housed its servers in the WTC, then maybe I'll refrain from haranguing them on this point).


One of my co-wor...

One of my co-workers says he immediately changes the channel whenever he sees the media talking about the media. I saw Tiger Woods being interviewed and he was asked what he thought about the media's coverage of his losses in competitions.

a cheng on October 21, 2002 04:22 PM

I'd do that if...

I'd do that if I watched television. I'm coming to the conclusion that the media is mostly what's wrong with society. We get told what and how to think. Not just the US, of course; state-run press is probably even worse in other societies.

Free press is one of the greatest things about this country. I don't think the media is very responsible with their freedom.

Ryan Lee on October 26, 2002 10:26 PM

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