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Hollywood does politics (original link dead). Poorly. Who cares what media entities like Barbara "I rely on the Internet to think for me" Streisand and Alec "I run away from problems" Baldwin think about war with Iraq? Disregard whether or not I agree with any of them - since when did they become Middle Eastern foreign policy experts? Why should movie makers and entertainment giants have such a significant say in our country's political machinations? They're free to speak and criticize, insult, and undermine because they own the speakerphone. It's unfortunate that they're the ones with money and power -- and influence over our Capitol.

They're free to voice their opinions, everybody in this country is guaranteed that right up until they shout "fire" in a crowded theater. But Hollywood needs to be reminded about their elected position in the government, i.e., none, because they sure don't represent the rest of the country's opinions.

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