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On CNN's front page, they've added a little box outlined in red in the upper right corner, next to the headline photo, for recent, breaking news. Yesterday evening at around 1900 EST, the box read Crew Stops To Rescue Castaway Dog. It was, as one might surmise, about a crew rescuing a dog from an abandoned boat. We've come a rather long way in the past seven months. Can I get on CNN's front page if I rescue Dodopo from Smoo, too?

On a completely different note. Most of these thoughts are all over the place, but you know, I do have slightly more serious thoughts. Really. I'm hoping to get a working log on my server so the less random, more important things find a home...soon...


The Dog Saga Concludes

The little dog saga was wrapped up in a later entry.

Ryan Lee on January 28, 2006 11:10 PM

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