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The benefits of conferences. Well, ok, I don't know what they are, but today I met the creator of Z39.50, the protocol libraries use to query book information, which I've been interested in since I started work on Library (should really rename it...). He tells me there's a new Z39.50-to-XML effort being frozen and published within a week called SRW. It's very exciting, I'll be looking at that very soon. Fine, it's very exciting to me.

One of my coworkers mentioned Weebl and Bob during a reception, kind of like a new "All Your Base." Cze and I watched some of the episodes while she worked desk today. If you ever happen to watch it (kind of PG-13, language, adult situations, not for the young), you'll understand why we broke out laughing when our friend Nancy walked by and asked us, "Hey, do you guys want any... pie?" Good pie, by the way. When come back, bring pie.

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