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"Economic issues are moral issues. There really isn't a decision in your life that isn't a moral choice," says Rev. Jim Ball; taken from the home of What Would Jesus Drive?, sadly a serious initiative to get people to stop driving SUV's. Hey, I despise SUV's as much as the next guy (for physics reasons - they weigh so much more than a standard size car that it's like a fly hitting your windshield if they collide...almost), but I have dim opinions of churches running consumer boycotts. It's not like the Southern Baptist Convention has influenced Disney's policy on anything at all; I don't think they even convinced their own members that the boycott would be necessary or effective. But what bothers me most is their strategy and their slogan. The money would be better spent elsewhere (isn't fiscal responsibility part of the transportation equation? Show some leadership, spend your money on something that actually matters), the slogan is sad. Pathetic. I don't even want to think about the answer to that question, it's a waste of brain power.

Anyways, we already know the answer from the Bible. Jesus drives Japanese cars and would like His followers to do the same (happens to be the first thing to show up in a Google search, for now).

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