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Cze gave me a hat a while back because I'd been looking for something to keep my head warm and occasionally mask my lack of desire to dump gel on my hair (without which I can't control my hair, resulting in a style akin to an array of antennas - not my favorite). Some day I'll shave it all off and we'll see what grows back. The hat comes from Kangol, which I'd never heard of (color me ignorant) and which I'd been meaning to find out about. I ran across the brand while wandering aimlessly on the web and finally got around to visiting their page.

Normally I resent Flash as a medium (use SVG instead), but somebody put a decent amount of thought into the design of Kangol's site. That's not an endorsement; I'd still call it making the best of a weakness. So if you've seen my head and hat and were wondering what was up, then you're as ignorant as me, go find out what the kangaroo is about.

For a good site design, see Wired. They've been committed to staying on the edge of web technology, and their recent move to a fully compliant and valid (I think) XHTML and CSS site is smooth and very encouraging.

I suppose being an employee of a group whose concern is the web, I should state that anything I express within my personal domain has no bearing on or derivation from W3C policy; they may be the same at times, but mine are personal opinions. I guess that's a retroactive statement too since I've probably mentioned a number of the W3C's member corporations in some light or another. Perhaps, despite a disclaimer, it's time to be a bit more discreet about what I choose to write.


And I do enjoy...

And I do enjoy reading Wired occasionally, but I can't say much about their interviews; they talked with a guy from MapQuest, and it was really, really badly done.

Ryan Lee on December 02, 2002 06:51 AM

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