Using technology to make a difference.


Software Development Tools


Skilled with Java, Python, XSLT, Ruby, PHP, SQL (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL), Perl, shell scripting, Tcl. Participant in several open source software development communities; familiarity with extending Mozilla software, including Firefox and Thunderbird, and WordPress; also Drupal, Ruby on Rails, and Grails.


Administering Apache httpd, Apache Tomcat, Jetty, AOLserver, Microsoft IIS, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CVS, Subversion, qmail. Operating system administration experience in Debian Linux, Red Hat Linux, various Windows releases, Macintosh OS X. Currently co-administering multi-user Linux environment providing shell, web, mail, and LDAP services for several organizations and individuals.



Skilled in HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, RDF. Familiar with static or dynamic site management, Adobe product suite for design and image manipulation. See portfolio for a list of recent work.


Experience as photographer for weddings, conferences, and special events, and with post-processing in Photoshop. Exclusively Canon.


World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) / MIT CSAIL

Research Staff

2004-02 to 2008-05

Research staff for SIMILE, a joint research project originally between W3C, MIT CSAIL, and MIT Libraries. Primary responsibilities included architecting, authoring, and supporting a large scale, real world Semantic Web application and auxiliary tools in the library domain with a small team. Also involved speaking, publishing papers, collaborating with other research institutions, and assisting in the management and administration of an open source software project.

Also a member of the Decentralized Information Group at MIT CSAIL. Provided development and administration for a small set of Semantic Web projects.

Research Staff

2002-10 to 2003-09

Leveraged Semantic Web technology for W3C internal applications, using historical and current metadata to provide compelling and useful tools for developers and administrators.

Research Assistant

2001-09 to 2002-08

Worked with CSAIL researchers and other W3C staff to formulate a vocabulary for describing the negotiation of personal data availability in the Semantic Web. Vocabulary written in RDF, implementation of vocabulary in Python. Foundation for master's thesis.

voccs, LLC

Chief Designer

2007-04 to present

Founded to promote visual and technical design for communication purposes, both web and print. Several clients ranging from research institutions to small and emerging businesses, local and international. Also providing photographic services.

Independent Contracting

Contractor (self-employed)

2003-11 to 2004-02

Designed, developed, documented, and administered an in-house web project for a hedge fund. Managed one other contractor, set up and maintained all development systems including Linux, development environment, versioning, productivity reporting, server software, and backups. Chose Java and PostgreSQL as the foundation, building upon existing toolkits. Design work done in XHTML and CSS.

ArsDigita, LLC


2000-05 to 2000-09

Developed new modules and improved existing code base for an open-source web community toolkit, and helped with development and support for its use on a client contract. Assisted students who attended a training camp for learning to use the toolkit. Development work in Tcl and Oracle for a web HTML interface.

Teaching Assistant

2000-09 to 2000-12

Assisted and graded students taking an MIT course, Software Engineering for Internet Applications.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

1998-09 to 2002-08

Earned Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in June, 2002, and Master of Engineering in same, September, 2002. Concentration in Computer Systems and Architecture Engineering; arts concentration in Literature.

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities - Honors Insitute of Technology

1997-09 to 1998-06

Attended instead of 12th grade as part of post-secondary enrollment program.

Wayzata High School

1995-09 to 1998-06

Awards/Honors: National Merit Scholar, AP Scholar with Distinction, National Honor Society


Eric Miller

Principal Investigator and Supervisor

Ralph Swick

Thesis Advisor