ManualJunkAction allows you to send your manually marked junk mail to whichever folder you want, on a per-account basis. I wrote it because I want to track minutiae like how much mail I had to take the time to identify each year. Once the extension is installed, see your Account Settings > Junk Settings and look at the very last set of options to use the new configuration.

There are some conflicts in preference resolution because of the way Thunderbird is presently engineered. If the preference for global manual marking is enabled (under Preferences > Privacy > Junk), ManualJunkAction preferences will not be enabled. If you wanted global manual marking enabled, I'm afraid there isn't a way to interpret the preferences in that fashion due to the way Thunderbird would normally handle manual marking, which is completely opaque to the level at which extensions can operate.

Developer notes: Observe that I've overriden am-junk.xul; account manager panels are not engineered to work nicely with overlays because of a custom loading structure outside the normal event stream. I've also had to skip an option to send to an account's Junk folder because the way the folder picker widget is written, only one account picker can exist in any given page. Thankfully, two folder pickers can co-exist - but no more.


You must be using Thunderbird 2.0. Please use the Mozilla extensions page to download (6KB, version 0.2) if you have an account with Sandbox enabled; open up the extensions window in Thunderbird and install the downloaded XPI file.

If you aren't signed up on, then just download it from me. Thunderbird will still phone home to Mozilla resources for auto-updating regardless of where you acquire the extension, on the off chance this extension makes it out of the Sandbox and into public use.

Version Notes