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As I wandered through the local bookstore, I ran across an old face with a new look: the latest in X-Men comics.

As I paged through the latest drama in Cyclops' and Jean Grey's lives, a young Indian man crossed my path and asked me if I was into comics.

As the young Indian man and I got to talking, we found we were doing some similar work. He wanted to know what I wanted to do. Isn't that always the question. I guess he gave me a job offer. I wonder if he knows what he wants to do. He may even read this.

As I searched for a copy of a book I knew wasn't there, I watched a young woman pick up and leaf through books about being reassured of Christ's existence, of Christianity's validity.

As we talked about what she was looking for and why, she asked immediately if I was a seminary student. I wonder why she asked that. I wonder what she would have said if I was. I wonder if she'll find what she was looking for.

As I left the bookstore and headed for the grocery store, I ran across a new face in an old setting. A fellow who had delivered food to our church gathering on Saturday, a face I saw for all of two minutes while moving large containers around, doing some shopping of his own.

As we talked, I found we shared the same name. I wonder if he'll ever come back to our church -- not to deliver food.

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