Solomon's Request - tuesday 2004-05-11 0619 last modified 2004-05-11 0619
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That title would make a great name for something besides this entry.

I was reading 2 Chronicles and finally (finally!) realized why God was so pleased with what Solomon asked Him for when He offered the new king whatever his heart desired. It's not just that he didn't ask for personal wealth or long life. It's not that he didn't ask for military superiority for his army. It's not even that he asked for wisdom.

It's because he asked for something for his nation. His people. God gave him a blank check, and instead of cashing it in for himself or his reputation, he gave it to the people he was responsible for. Solomon didn't ask for wisdom, not really. He asked that he might have the wisdom to lead his people -- well. Israel rode on the shoulders of their king, and he cared so much more for them than he did for himself that he chose what he chose for their sake.

That's a choice after God's own heart.

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