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Pretty sure I didn't order those.

I've had the oddest experiences dealing with corporations through their long distance interfaces lately.

I got a receipt for a professor in Texas in one of my recent orders. I know now how much he spent on a new digital SLR camera and a couple lenses as well as where to find him at work. That one's probably human error by way of letting two receipts stick together.

Dell just sucks. There are a couple gems in their pile of crap customer support horde, but on the balance, a couple nice people don't make up for a flawed company. Enough on that. Consider it computer error with a healthy dose of human attitude problems.

Today, though - today takes the cake. I needed to send something back to Apple to get it repaired, for which Apple would send out a box so I could ship it to them. When I picked up the box, it felt and sounded like there was something inside. And, in fact, there was - two pairs of women's shoes from Nordstrom, a value of $120 according to the receipt intended for a woman in California. I have no clue how this one happened. It looks like someone in the shipping plant randomly appropriated a correctly sized box, slapped another shipping label on it, and X'd out the label to California.

So if you're surfing the web one day and wondering why your size 7 Callisto shoes are featured here, now you know. On the reverse, if you visit here often, now you know why pink women's shoes are on display.

Now, to call up these folks at Apple and ask them what on earth they were thinking when this happened. I mean, I'm throwing away these shoes if need be, I want my equipment fixed.


With the whole s...

With the whole split toe thing (the appearance of which is heightened by the stuffed-in tissue paper), I seriously thought (at first) that maybe these were some new kind of ninja clogs that you were showing off.

Matt Libby on March 21, 2005 11:53 PM

In pink? That c...

In pink? That clashes with my eyes. No self respecting ninja clashes. So we usually stick to black. I don't see pink ninjas striking much fear into victims' hearts. That Dan character in Street Fighter II with the pink gi? Pansy.

Ryan Lee on March 23, 2005 06:40 AM

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