Trackback Autoclassification - tuesday 2006-03-21 0031 last modified 2006-03-21 0031
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I flipped the switch for autoclassification of trackbacks today. With around a 2:1 ratio of desired comments to spam, I hope it's enough data to go on. Either trackback is more dead than I thought or I just don't get many; I could probably go back to throwing away every trackback and I wouldn't really be missing anything I couldn't mine out of my logs. Maybe I should turn to elementary log referrer mining and classification in addition to trackback.

Anyways, I'll watch it excitedly for those first pieces of spam trackback to get slotted where they belong, then I'll work it into the present comment system, then finally try to figure out exactly how to introduce pseudo-anonymous commenting into the present user-centric architecture.

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Trackback Wastes Your Soul

Maybe I'll just turn it off now that the software has a sufficient training on spaminess. After a new firehose of trackback spam (mostly from 80.255.11[3|4]) came in and I trained on it, I've missed maybe four out of four hundred, less as time goes on...

Ryan's Journal on March 23, 2006 06:24 PM [trackback]