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Maybe I'll just turn it off now that the software has a sufficient training on spaminess. After a new firehose of trackback spam (mostly from 80.255.11[3|4]) came in and I trained on it, I've missed maybe four out of four hundred, less as time goes on. But the content of this stuff is just putrid, even by Internet standards. I checked out some of the links in a text-only browser, and the few I examined were not in fact what was advertised but instead ended up being a domain name vendor (though not for the domains given in the spam). Mind boggling.

Trackback is quite useful for internal reference, allowing past posts to see into the future for a sort of forward looking time series thread. But not much else. Perhaps it's time to give up on the experiment, block by IP, and call it a wash.

On to comments and referrers, I guess.

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